We’re saving up to put effort into making an album in May.

As well as new songs, we’re going to re-record a few of our tracks for it and we were just wooondering…. what would you want to hear on it? 

They are all our children but some children are more deserving than others. As our parents chanted during our bare knuckle boxing matches in the dining room “only the winner eats dinner, only the winner eats dinner” and “draw more blood, eat more food! draw more blood, eat more food!”

We played Catlins River Festival last weekend, there were so many colours and the sun. People dancing and rivers being braided and talking to each other and that. Folk were kind and hopefully there is another one soon before our hands fall off from clapping the last one down the valley.

We’re heading down to Dunedin for Feastock on the 27th April. It’s exciting. Get a ticket from Too Tone Records in the NEV before it’s too late to get one.