We had a long jump competition after the gig in the soil outside Space Monster in Whanganui. The police had to come and ask us to stop long jumping. In Palmerston North a lady waited until 9pm doing her business next door, called noise control who shut the gig down and went home immediately after they did so. Noice. Hunterville gig was cancelled so we spent an hour and a half scoping out rapid numbers on SH1 looking for a house we were staying at. There was nobody home so we watched Drawn Together on their projector. We stayed for two nights and Le Chat the cat was inquisitive but wasn’t entirely sure about us.  In Raglan last night there was a good crowd and it was a lot of fun. We partied. I half slept on a cushion on the floor and when I awoke I got to pat a Griffin, a Pig and tried to pat some cows with horns. Today Lilly went for a swim on the way to Katikati but nobody else wanted to be wet in the van for the rest of the drive. Now we’re in Katikati with a night off on Bugs’ lettuce farm and there are frogs in the basil house. I’m not sure if that’s a metaphor for something else yet. This theme doesn’t let me write in paragraphs, sorry about that. We’ve chucked together a bunch of songs to tour with and you can listen here: