South Island Tour Feb 2013

I’m back in Auckland now after a twisting adventure through the SI with the band. There was a small, polite and placid crowd at the darkroom in Christchurch who were too high/too low for something/anything but friendly and definitely watching. There were ripples but there was also too much booming silence between songs, and disastrous set fluidity. A bit of a rank set. I hadn’t seen paul and ben since they left me shaking and alone with a litter of pistachio shells and the urge to shave my head and change my name after dropping me off at my flat in Mt Eden in December. After which they started their 700 hour drive back to Dunedin.

Sorry, we played a private gig at the beginning Jan for a beautiful marriage also.

The beer at the darkroom was excellent, the staff were nice enough and the company was grand.

Re:Fuel in Dunedin was justfantasticsomuchsothatuuughggh. Anyone else forget to fill out their census? Can’t remember if I was home for it or not. Today at work paint from downstairs circulated through the aircon for at least 3 hours, or at least until my tongue went numb and i got confused and felt sslj sf skjzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It’s always the best in Dunedin, everybody’s just so lovely and I love everybody and the sun flaps in the breeze and the criminals are all brought to justice, the birds eat your spare hot chips and you never know who you’re going to see eating a turkish kebab sitting on an electrical box talking about that thing that happened over there that time.

And then Paul woke me up for coffee and we ate baked beans with hash browns and laughed so hard that we swapped bodies with our headaches and our headaches went and met our friends for lunch instead of us while we pulsed and throbbed in a non-sexual manner watching jeremy kyle put his foot on chairs and talk to people with accents.


Off to Invercargill we went and we talked of what had happened and about all the stuff we’d learned. I realised that we’re toothpaste tubes and we’ve got to squeeze every last bit out and even when there’s nothing left you put your thumb up into the bit from below and if still nothing comes out you pretend it did and brush the thought of it onto your teeth. We continued so far south that we became womb-borne for the hospitality.

Tillermans was full of helpful and kindly people and there wasn’t even a fight. Th’other bands played and we played and none of the rips in the sides were still there from christchurch then sleep did come.

At Riverton Kaz and Andy were the nicest people and set up the venue and we stayed at their house. Nobody came but we stunk of burnt wood and laughed at an article in the Southland Times for far longer than would be deemed appropriate. It was a pleasant evening and then everyone talked in their sleeps and I’m sure I didn’t but couldn’t be really and after that we fled to dunedin for a game of cricket and bugger and I flew in seats back to Auckland.

Bugs took a video in Riverton so you can see it and this is what happened.