New song next week (and group title Ha the Unclear)

Over the last few years we’ve been running into a few issues with our group title. When we were changing our name from Baraka and the Finish Hims way back, we were wanting something that was vague and warm and abstract. Brown worked for us and we didn’t foresee any of the issues that we have since run into.

We’ve been approached by bands from Australia and Poland who had the same name who were running into problems on or song kick or some such. They asked us to change it and we said pffffft it’s a colour mate what’d you expect?

But mainly it’s that we keep having the issue that people can’t find our music online. The internet is the new god and we must make sacrifices to the all-powerful web monster. If we don’t it will eat our first-borns and put them to work turning the cranks that power the sun’s orbit of the earth. Let’s all roll stones up hills forever.

But seriously now, if you try googling ‘Brown’ you get a whole heap of noise. You need more keywords than the Dunedin Rhododendron Society. That’s quite crap.

We’ve been mulling this over for some time now and we’ve decided that this needs to happen before our new album comes out. We love Brown, and we’ll still be that but just called Ha the Unclear instead. Ha the Unclear is like Pliny the Elder. Our URLs and stuff are going to change over next week so sorry if that trips anyone out.

The meaning behind our name will become clearer and clearer. We look forward to seeing you soon and we’ve got another song out next week.