Fea St - - ->Mou Very/You. Clearly.


Brown played our first gig in Dunedin in well over a year at Fea St house party on Thursday night. A single evening of practice and walking the booze balance beam, things were ok. People were very nice to us. 

Bugs took this footage:

King Edward Street

It was the good shit getting to see Thundercub, Alizarin Lizard and Oleh perform again, having missed out on it all for the past year or so.

We are playing again this Thursday at Mou Very (Event Page Here), it will be our first public gig since coming back.

You should blow off yer hot date and come see us so we can see you, cos we like you. Probably more than you like us, but we’ll drag the relationship out hoping that you will eventually come around and fall in love with us. ‘Cos we’ve fallen in love with you. I think. I mean, I’m not sure if it’s lust. Or.. I dunno, it feels the way that you felt about that smash hits poster you had on your wall. We know all about that. We know who it was and yes, yes you should feel ashamed. 

ahhhhh scribble that out would you?

thanks to you love brown