Blog and Tour

Sorry about this, I’m shutting down our other blog so I wanted to store the posts back over here hence reblogging myself.

We’re on tour tomorrow of the North Island. I’m in the process of rushing to finish a new collection of songs. A bunch that I’ve written over the past month or so and decided I would try throw together before this tour as our other album isn’t ready to go yet. Hopefully this will suffice for now. Should be up on bandcamp soon.

Facies page for the tour:

Once again we’re heading out with Alizarin Lizard, Paul and Ben are in this band also and now with us split between Auckland and Dunedin there are not too many opportunities for us to gig. So we will play without having had a practice since October as I’m meeting them down in Wellington for our gig tomorrow, but we won’t tell you that because hopefully you won’t notice… we’ve done it before…